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Diversity of planetary circulation regimes,

in our Solar system and beyond

March 6-10, 2017, Les Houches (France)

Invited speakers

Name Institution Talk topic
Dorian Abbot University of Chicago, USA Habitability of extrasolar planets
Daniel Apai University of Arizona, USA Observational constraints on circulation regimes
Chiara Cagnazzo Institute of Atmospheric sciences and Climate, IT Impact of Sun-like star variability on planets climate: what we have learned from Sun and Earth
James Cho Queen Mary, University of London, UK Giant planets circulation
John Fasullo NCAR, USA The Earth energy budget
Francois Forget Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, FR Terrestrial planet climates and atmospheric circulation
Michael Ghil ENS-Paris, Paris Circulation Regimes
Illeana Gomez Cornell University, USA Moist greenhouse threshold and climate evolution of the Earth
Peter Hauschildt University Hamburg, DE Radiation transport
Christiane Helling University St Andrews, UK Charge processes, lightening in exoplanets
Nicolas Iro University of Hamburg, DE Flexible modelling tools
Yohai Kaspi Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Planetary atmospheres circulation regimes
Frederic Laliberte University of Toronto, CA Hydrological cycle and thermodynamics of the Earth
Valerio Lucarini University of Hamburg, DE / University of Reading, UK Thermodynamics of Planetary circulations
Joao Mendonca University of Bern, Switzerland Modelling of Hot exoplanets
Raymond Pierrehumbert Oxford University, UK Hot super Earths
Peter Read Oxford University, UK Planetary circulation regimes through nondimensional numbers
Giovanna Tinetti University College London, UK Exoplanet spectroscopy measurements
Paul Williams University of Reading, UK Gravity wave impacts on planetary circulation: lessons from laboratory experiments
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